Andrea B. Goldberg, LCSW

EMDR Psychotherapist  & Consultant in NJ

About Andrea

Andrea Goldberg has over 35 years experience as a psychotherapist. She is an EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) certified therapist and approved consultant in EMDR therapy. She is also a facilitator for the EMDR Basic Training as part of the faculty of the EMDR Institute and Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs. She is experienced in doing EMDR therapy with clients who have survived single incident traumas such as:

Andrea Goldberg has specialized training and expertise in integrating EMDR with other evidence-based treatments for survivors of childhood neglect and physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She also provides EMDR treatment for traumatic bereavement and the emotional impact of chronic illnesses and miscarriages.

Andrea Goldberg is skilled at addressing issues related to spirituality and sexuality, as well as problems resulting from prejudice, hostile work environments, family conflict,  and difficulty balancing family, work and personal needs. She also has extensive experience helping people cope with infertility, high risk pregnancies and post-partum depression.  Andrea adapts her treatment approach to the unique needs of each client, based on many factors including the presenting problems and client preferences.


Andrea works with adults, adolescents and children suffering from:

  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Anxiety, panic, and phobias
  • Obsessions, compulsions and addictions
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress and dissociation

In her work with children and adolescents, Andrea is experienced with issues related to:

  • Bullying and cyber-bullying
  • Hyperactivity
  • Oppositional defiance
  • School phobia
  • Separation anxiety

For more information about Andrea Goldberg and the services she provides, see her other website: